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Crew at CASA

What is Crew? 

Crew is an advisory and community-building structure that encourages academic and social-emotional growth. As an advisory structure, Crews are teams of 8-16 students led by an adult Crew Advisor.


Crews focus on building essential academic and social-emotional skills through a combination of team building, student-centered academic support, conflict resolution, and self-reflection.

All About Crew

Crew time consists of a series of lessons and activities complemented by rituals and routines that are drawn from NYC Outward Bound Schools’ best practices. Ultimately, Crew creates more equitable spaces where each student’s unique ideas and needs are heard and addressed.

For example, during Crew, students and advisors discuss academic, social, and behavioral issues, organize work for student portfolios or culminating projects, and engage in activities aimed at strengthening academic performance and building social-emotional skills such as perseverance, initiative, and empathy.

- NYC Outward Bound Schools

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