The Program

Over the course of the 2019-2020 school year, participating schools will work with their community to create and expand a college culture, by offering:

  • Students will visit a college campus for all 7th-grade students.

  • Students will receive early college awareness workshops. That includes information on the high school application process. This is the first step towards college and career access

  • Parents will receive College-awareness workshops

  • The school wide early college awareness celebration, like a college fair or college day.


Our School with CUNY, DOE has designed campus visits for middle school. The visits are focused more on “what is college?” Visits may include middle school activities like scavenger hunts, panel discussions. A talk with current students, and dorm visits, and will be led by student “Squad Leaders.” The squad leaders are trained to work with 7th graders.

Door COmpetition