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Roller Coaster Life for Adriana

Written by J.B., Class 8L2

Adriana was a 22-year-old woman that came to the U.S. by migrating on a boat and leaving her son and daughter in Ecuador. Adriana’s son Jonathan was sad just like the color blue. Adriana’s daughter was Valaria and she left her at the age of 5 years old and she was crying just like a baby. Adriana came to the United States by boat and saw the ocean for 2 weeks with no good food or not a lot of water. She went to Mexico and went to the airport and then she came to the U.S.

Adriana got to the U.S. and the first thing she was thinking was going to learn English so she told her husband the father of her kids “Fabian quiero a hablar inglés puedes pago la escuela” she said to her husband. So she went to school and learned a little bit of English so Adriana told her husband “The school is harder than a rock”. So then Adriana started to work at a factory for 2 years then stopped working because Adriana had her 3 children. After Adriana had her 3 children she couldn’t work because she had her baby. She had a hard problem just like a stone with sending money to her daughter and son for their education. 

The big problem for Adriana was that she couldn’t work for 6 months because she had a son and they fired her from the job so she started to cry saying“ How can they fire me just for having a baby.” Then after Adriana got fired she was trying to find a new job to send money to her other son and daughter in Ecuador. Adriana was going all around Queens just like she was traveling trying to find a job then she got a phone call. So when Adriana answered the phone then her daughter Jenny said “ mom uncle died by his truck falling down a mountain.”Adriana went home and started to cry saying “Why did I come to the U.S. just to receive this news.” 

One week after Adriana's brother's death, she got a sickness called nerves. Adriana was feeling okay when she went out and tried to find a job but a woman called and said “Hey Adriana I heard that you need a job so I am gonna give you my spot because I am moving out of NYC.” So then Adriana took her chance and went to the job and Adriana was happy because she was gonna win $850 a week and she was happy. After working months Adriana finally finished giving her son and daughter their education. After years Adriana was thinking about bringing her older daughter to come to the U.S. with her son by migrating to the U.S.

After Adriana went through everything in her life she decided to bring her daughter back and she give the money to the person that was gonna bring her daughter to the U.S.So then after 4 weeks of her daughter coming walking to the U.S she finally arrive and Adriana was emotion happy and said: “My daughter I finally get to see after 22 years I love I would never you again”.The year went past and Adriana was living the best life with her daughter and her 2 sons that is Jason and Kevin and her loving husband that keeps him like a dog. And months later my dad and mom brought a house that cost more than a brand-new Lamborghini. At last, she is waiting for her son Jonathan to come with a green card to the U.S. 

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