Ms. Hert, Founding Principal

Respect Learning Community

Mr. Daliposki, Assistant Principal

Perseverance Learning Community

Ms. Gardner, Assistant Principal

Leadership Learning Community


Ms.  Burgos, Counselor

Leadership L.C.

Ms. Goldfarb, Counselor  

Perseverance L.C.

Student/Parent Support

Ms. Forgues, HOSSS

Perseverance L.C.

Mr. Estevez, HOSSS

Leadership L.C.

Ms. Fernandez, Parent Coordinator

Support Staff

Ms. Hernandes, Pupil Secretary

Ms. Larkin, Principal's Secretary


Ms. Frances, Purchasing Secretary 

Ms. Pineda, School Aide

Ms. Duran, School Aide

Ms. Pena, School Aide

Ms. Freire, School Aide

Ms. A. Fernandez, School Aide

Ms. Pedone, School Aide

Mr. Saffer, Instructional Support Services


Ms. Scrozzo

Ms. Yilmaz


Ms. Shannon, Librarian


Heading 2

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