November 18, 2017

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September 28, 2018

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November 18, 2017


A Week in the Life of 7L3!


In the upcoming blogs, I will be featuring different classes throughout the building and interviewing students to see what they have been up to throughout the week!

This week, I asked students from 7L3 what they have learned and done this week at CASA. The students who responded were Jennifer, Wendy, Shayla, Erika, Daniela, Romina, and Litzzi. Thank you so much to those students for taking time out of their lunch period to be interviewed!


What have you learned this week?

We learned GCF. That's greatest common factor. What you do is you find the highest number that the two bigger numbers have in common. 


That sounds interesting. How did you learn this?

In math, Ms. Mogavero gave us examples and explained what to do first. Then, she let us work in groups to figure out some problems. And by the end, we did it on our own independently.


That seems helpful. I saw you in the hallway a lot this week - what was that for?

Oh that was for science! Ms. Robertson gave us super long pieces of paper that we turned into timelines. Scientists know a bunch of events throughout the Earth's life because of fossils, so we're writing them all down on a timeline.


Timelines of the whole Earth's life?

The geological timeline of the whole Earth, since it started. So we write down the major events and when they happened. But if they happened close together, the lines are near to each other and if they happened a long time apart, the lines are farther apart too! So the lines and the time match.


So the Earth has been around for a long time, right? How long ago are we talking?

Right now, we're working backwards from a billion years ago!


A billion years ago?!

Yup, the paper is super big. It's pretty much as long as the classroom.


So that's why you had to go outside. I get it now! What else have you learned this week?

In ELA, with Mr. Acevedo, we wrote our life stories. Well, not about our whole lives, but about someone from a different generation that has affected us.


A different generation?

Yeah, someone probably older than us that has changed our lives. I guess technically we could have done someone a generation younger than us, but they haven't really affected us yet.


How did you write this story?

First, we did a flash draft and got our ideas out and in order. Then we went back and he had us edit our papers. We're still working on them, so they're not done yet.


That's okay! It's a work in progress. What other classes have you had this week?

In social studies, we're learning about the British, Patriots, and Loyalists. Mr. Henry gave us a project to do where we picked a side and we had to convince people to join our revolution.


I don't think I know what those words mean - Patriots and Loyalists?

They were two of the groups during the American Revolution. The Loyalists wanted to stay with the British and the Patriots wanted to be colonists.


I see. So you made posters to convince people to join your group?

Yeah, it was kind of like an argument. We had to show them why our side made more sense.


That sounds really fun. What else have you all been up to?

(overlapping responses:)

Wendy: Ms. Baker's teaching us ballet positions.

Shayla: Mr. Henry taught us to make charts to convince people to buy into our business plan, so we can make money.

Erika: Ms. Coen taught us about primary and secondary colors, and we're finishing up painting our animals that represent us.

Daniela: Mr. Souza is rehearsing long songs with us.

Romina: Mr. Saffer is teaching us how to write our own scripts.


Whoa, you have a lot of talent classes! I forgot the seventh graders are split like that!

Yeah, we got to pick which talent we wanted to go to and we chose the ones that were the most interesting to us.


That's a pretty cool opportunity. So any last things you've all been up to?

Like in life?


Sure, in life.

Shayla: Well, this week was my brother's birthday so we celebrated at Chuck E Cheese!

Litzzi: My cousin came to visit from Ecuador!

Romina: I'm celebrating because I have been in America for exactly 2 years today!



Want to know more about what's happening at CASA? Interview your own child and submit your interview to Who knows, maybe you'll be the next featured blog writer!