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Sunset in Monterrey

From South to North:
A Journey from Mexico to America

Written by A.F.L., Class 8R4

The morning sun had just begun to peak over the horizon, casting a warm, golden glow over the town. Ana woke up, getting ready for another day. She hurdled back and forth with her sister, picking the smooth, small, bright, and colorful fruit from the trees as the sun's rays glowed through them. She was liberated as always, as there were no rules or anything holding her back. It seemed entirely perfect, she spent the whole day running around barefoot, touching and exploring the Mexican plains and fields as the sun started to set. Soon, the day came to an end, and she fell asleep once more, dreaming of what she might do the next day.

She woke up the next morning, thinking that it’ll be like another normal day. However, she didn’t know what was coming. Her sister tells her that she has to pack up some stuff and get ready to go to some particular place she’s never been before or heard of. New York City.

“Los vamos a Nueva York,” (We’re going to New York) her sister told her in a monotone voice.


“Oh, ummm, okay,” Ana replied, not knowing what to say or to think.


She thought that it was just another place in Mexico where one of her aunts or uncles lived. She packed the necessary things and the things people would usually bring to go somewhere that they’d never been. Of course, Ana thought she was just going to go somewhere very close by, but dread arrived soon after. A white van came up to the small village Ana lived in. Her sister, her cousins, and one of her uncles arrived where they were. After they said their hellos and their greetings, they all got into the van. They all knew where they were heading, everyone besides Ana.


“Y cuando vamos a llegar , qué largo es el tramo? Todo vía estamos en México? (And when are we going to get there, how long is the trip, are we still in Mexico?)


Her small yet smart 12-year-old mind started racing with ideas and questions based on the thing she was seeing around her. The plains were now rocky mountains, the trees with bright fruit started to fill with nothing but leaves, the paving trails became roads, roads into streets, streets into cities, and soon they arrived at the airport. Her confused mind continued to ask questions.


“Y hasta donde vive mi tio?” (and how far does my uncle live?) she asked herself as she finally figured out that they were going to visit another relative. She walked to the airport. Her other relatives knew exactly where to go as if they had been there before. However, to her, it was more like a maze. Right then left, left again, right, then another left, to another right, and finally another left. It was almost as if there was no end to this place, a place that she’s never been before. Of course, her mind started to think of all the bad things that might happen next.


“Qué pasa si me pierdo, o peor, qué pasa si me secuestran.” (What if I get lost, or even worse, someone kidnaps me)


Looking around, she caught her sister looking at her. All the inner thoughts she had closed her ears, not paying attention to her surroundings.


“Vamos,”(let's go) her uncle told her as he snapped his fingers and started to speed walk to the entrance.


“Hello, you’re here for flight 94, correct?” Asked one of the agents at the entrance of the gates.

“Ah! Jes, Jes” her uncle told the agent in his butchered English. “Perfect, right this way!

They finally got on the plane. However, the problems didn’t stop there.

As Ana stepped her foot onto the nylon wool carpet, she was grabbed by a flight attendant and put all the way to the front of the plane. Her sister, her two cousins, and her uncle were put all the way in the back. She was all alone on the plane. No one to talk to, no one to keep her company, and no one to comfort her. She was separated from the only people that she felt safe with. Dread filled her mind once again, freezing in place, not being able to move for the rest of the flight. She looked out the window seeing Mexico and the beautiful landscape, not knowing that would be her last. After hours and hours on the plane sitting down and they finally arrived in New York City! The city that never sleeps. They got off the plane and walked towards the exit, she already knew what was going to happen. She would have to walk around the airport as if it was a maze once again. But this time, immigration officers were all around the airport. As her relatives told her to be quiet, the screams of a woman caught Ana’s attention. The crying and sadness of the mother filled the small room. The devastation and the screams made her the center of attention. Not knowing what to do, Ana looked away and continued to stride, hoping she wouldn’t grasp the attention of immigration officers. She didn’t want that to happen as the thoughts of dread filled her mind, thinking about the worst possible outcomes. She didn’t want to be separated once again, as the many obstacles she went through were enough for her.


“HEY, YOU!” Screamed a man in all black


It was an immigration officer heading her way. Was this the end? Was all the hard work and all the long travel for nothing? She accepted her fate and stood there as her sister and uncle slowly approached her. The man got closer and closer. She fell into complete silence, and the place around her slowed down as it felt like a complete void, not being able to understand what was happening. Until finally, the man walked right passed her to someone else. The instant relief filled her body once more as they started to walk back toward the exit.


Finally, they got out of the airport into the safe hands of the family. They celebrated in joy after they crossed to America. Not knowing what life had in store for Ana.

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