Website Improvements(Technology)

3/20 Memo 3

Good Afternoon,

In order to maintain a healthy technology it's important that our schools equipment receives maintenance in a timely manner. If you were like me it was very difficult to find out how to have our school computer fixed. Now under Teacher page on our school website is our Computer repair page. Simply fill out the form, and presto you computer will be fixed in the coming day's. Below is a picture of the where to find the form and a example of a computer Asset Tag. Please put in any repairs that you see your computers need:) Thank You

Mr. Henry

10/4 Memo 2:

Good Afternoon,

I hope everyone is having a great day! The website has been recently updated with a new function for our wonderful CASA staff. If you go to the website then hover over the teacher page. Then you will then find a drop down menu that say's resource videos. This is a video collection of important videos to help us with various computer issues. As of now you can find the following videos:

1. How to find engrade Passwords/Login for Students

2. How to group students with Mastery Connect

Please feel free to email if you have any additional video request


9/14 Memo 1:

HI All,

I have started a student resource page on our school website, if you have any of the following information you would like to add, please send a email of the link

-Class Websites for the Students (Ms. Fooden, Mr. Souza) sites are linked

-Website that students use in your classroom (Example: Brainpop)


Any information that you think the students could use please send:)

Thank You

Mr. Henry

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